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Creede Valley

After being on the road for 16 hours we finally arrived in Creede around 8 a.m.. Stopping to have breakfast at the only restaurant, it really hit the spot and helped wake us up a little. Then we headed on into the valley, this is what we saw as we rounded the corner, to a flat-lander this looks pretty good.

Creede Valley of Trees

Rounding a couple more corners (about 8 miles) we finally see what we really came for, REAL trees.

Above Creede Valley

After setting up the tent and the rest of the camp we climbed into the jeep and headed out on a short sight seeing trip. The rain had just passed, (it rains here almost everday) so the rainbow made a good picture.

Can you see me?

While taking a picture of the rainbow I had a feeling of being watched. Turning around and scanning the tree-line for a bit, there he was just stand there watching. It was like he was waiting to be photographed, so I obliged him! I tried to get closer but he wouldn't have any of that.

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