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Los Pinos Cabin

Hi there, you must like the mountains as much as I do. Today we move into a cabin at the request of the owner of 30 Mile Resort. In exchange for the cabin all we had to do was cut 3 cords of firewood for her. Which was no big deal for 2 veteran wood cutters.

Inside the cabin

The insides of the cabins are neatly kept up, and they only have the basic needs. All cooking needs are supplied. Electrical power (a couple of lights) is provided by a water wheel generator. There is no refrigrator or other modern appliances. The wood/coal cook stove also doubles as your heater. And your water needs are carried in by buckets from the faucets outside the cabins. Ok this may not sound too appealing but it is like stepping back in time about 40-50 years which makes it an adventure to look forward to.

Above Creede Valley

We broke down camp and settled into the cabin, but guickly became antsy, so off we go into the wilderness again. This time its off to Reagan Lake. On the way we saw muledeer, wood chucks and a few other non-Texas wildlife. As we climbed higher into the woods this scene offered another photo opp. :-) It's a sign of rain but we didn't let it bother us any.

Old but interesting!

This is one of the first things I found interesting. No I can't tell you how old the ol' cabin is, but by the looks of it is was built in the early 1900's. It faces Reagan Lake, and made me wish I had my own home here. Hopefully built a little better than this one. Have I mentioned the average snow fall for the year is about 30 feet.

Aspen pic, cool huh!

I hope you like this one it just seemed to catch my eye and I had to take the picture. It is a taste of what much of the woods look like at lower levels, of course higher up the trees are for the most part all types of evergreens.

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