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Trip to Squaw Creek

Today we take on a new adventure! Riding horseback, we take off to Squaw Creek Lake. It's 9 miles to the lake, all up hill. So walking was out of the question. Our guide hadn't been to the lake either and he was as excited as we were. He is the one out front, and Mike is 2nd, of course I'm bringing up the rear. Going through some beautiful country, we spot some good camp sites if we decide to visit again. Crossing several small streams and some rocky terrain the ride soon takes it's toll on my small (unpadded) buns.

Squaw Creek Valley

This is part of the valley that I just had to include. But... a little farther on we get to see something even Coloradians have never seen in the wild!!!

Mr. Bullwinkle?

And here he is, (it's a moose) we actually saw 3 together, but this is the only one that cooperated long enough to get a picture of. I had a little trouble just getting this too. When the other 2 ran off they spooked my horse. With my camera in one hand and the reins in the other, my wonderful horse decided to turn and run. No I didn't fall off, but it did take some doing to hang on and get control again. I guess the old saying is right, "it's like riding a bike you never forget". I remembered what my Grandad had taught me when I was young. If the horse won't stop pulling on the reins, then pull on one side and turn it's head so it has no choice but to stop (or fall). It worked. And I went back and took this picture. Only a little shaken.

At Squaw Creek Lake

Finally, we made it! Everyone was ready for a break, even the horses. Pretty isn't it! Now it's time for lunch, and a look around the lake.

Squaw Creek Lake

Lunch is over, and I have feeling back in my legs. So its time to take some pics. This is just one of many spectacular photos, but to keep the page file size small I will just use this one. Time to pack up and head back down the mountain. On the way down my horse became spooked again by my friends dog that came running up behind us. So there I was on a small trail, with an 8000 foot drop on one side and solid trees on the other. The horse took off at a full run and bucking his best to get away from the dadgum dog. I may be part city boy but I still held on, and stopped her just before we ran into the back of the other 2 riders. Hope you enjoyed today's trip, and come back for more. I may make a page of thumbnails in the near future but you'll just have to check back now and then to find out,,, :-)

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