How PippinWorks keeps prices low is simple.

Email your photos for a free, no hassle quote, create a "credit account" with us, then receive your quick, quality photo(s) repair.

Create your "credit account" by, sending check or money orders for the amount of our quote or amount suggested for your needs to the address at the bottom of our pages. Allow 5-7 days for checks to clear the banks. Photo "approval" repairs will follow shortly afterwards. (First or one time orders) We will notify you as soon as your "credit account" has cleared.

Save time and money on your next order by sending more than your quote, and we just deduct the amounts of future repairs from your "credit account".

No high price, complicated, fancy websites.

Using Email for most communications saves us from adding more extra phone charges.

We also offer communication  through Yahoo and MSN (Hotmail - Live) messenger, for those wishing to speak directly to live a person.

Back to the Basics way of doing business, we accept checks and money orders.

Credit cards will be accepted soon for those skeptic of our money saving way of business.

You will be able to set up a "credit account" with credit cards also at PippinWorks. After your set up with a "credit account", we don't have to charge you what the banks and credit card companies charge us for each transaction. Your "credit account" will be billed (debited) after the photos are approved by you. Small, low quality samples are emailed to you for approval. After approval, your photos will be emailed to you as soon as we possibly can.

Best of all... with a "credit account"

You only pay for our repair services, not the banks or card companies. Start with a $1 or $2, and you'll see how easy and convenient our service can be.

PippinWorks guarantee's your money is safe, secure, and refundable at all times.

Pending any current transactions not yet finalized.

Email your questions, with photos attached, for a free quote at or

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