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Pippin's Place

A Muffin Make-believe Story

"Let's explore!" said Captain Maxi.
This time First Mate Mini did not argue. She did not try to give orders. And she was not jealous.
Captain Maxi, First Mate Mini, Navigator Tuff, and Boatswain Ruff set out to see Captain Maxi's Secret Island.
They had not gone far when they saw a charming little cottage. Four little pippins were still building it.
"Oh, look!" said Mini. "Isn't that darling!"
"Looks good enough to eat," said Maxi. "But isn't that different? One side is made of lollipops. Another is made of pepperment. Another is made of gingerbread, and the other is made of gumdrops."
"And there's one little pippin working on each side," said Mini. "Let's go talk to them."
"I'm Peppermint Pippin," said the little pippin working on the peppermint side. "He's Lollipop Pippin." He pointed to the pippin working on the lollipop side. "Let me guess," said Mini. "That must be Gingerbread Pippin working on the gingerbread side."
And Gumdrop Pippin working on the gumdrop side," Maxi added.
"Verrrry good!" said Peppermint Pippin. "But you came at a bad time. We pippins are having an agrument."
"That's terrible," said Maxi. "Mini and I never argue." Mini giggled. She remembered the big argument they had about captain of the Golden tub.
"Well we don't argue much," Maxi said. "But why are you arguing?"
"We're building Pippin's Place," said Peppermint Pippin. "But it must be built of peppermint. It's the only way to do it!
"He's wrong!" Lollipop Pippin interrupted. "As you can easily see, lollipops are the best building materials."
"Gumdrops!" shouted Gumdrop Pippin.
"Gingerbread!" shouted you-know-who.
"Oh, my." said Mini." "Now they are really agruing. I'm afraid we only made their argument worse."
The four pippins argued long and loud. They said some things that even pippins should not say.
At last Peppermint Pippin threw down his peppermint blocks. "I can't work with you other pippins!" he shouted. Then he walked away.
"I can't work with you pippins, either!" shouted Lollipop Pippin. Then he threw down his lollipops and walked away.
"I can't work with you pippins, either!" shouted Gingerbread Pippin. He threw down his gingerbread boards and walked away.
"I can't work alone!" shouted Gumdrop Pippin. He threw down his gumdrop bricks and walked away.
"They're gone!" said Maxi. "Now Pippin's Place will not be built!" said Mini.
"All because of an argument," said Maxi.
"I'm glad WE never argue," Mini said with a giggle.

What this story teaches: It's sad when families or friends can't stay together or work together.
1. Why did the pippins argue? What caused each to go his own way?
2. Do you know anyone who argues with others in his family? Do you? What will you ask the Lord to help you do?
3. Do you know a family that could not stay together? Why do you think this happened? How can the Lord help families that are about to separate?

The reason for making this page with this story is because I am a Pippin, and the story hits too close to my actual family. It is too bad that a family can act like this, but I guess this is just life. I am sorry if any family members feel this to be inappropriate. But maybe they should read the story again and try to understand what the writer is trying to convey!
This book was copyrighted 1983 by V. Gilbert Beers. He did a whole slew of books about Maxi and Mini.

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