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Resting Jeep ;-)

Glad you decided to continue. Today we are going to the places only seen by people with 4 wheel drive trucks/jeeps, horses, or strong legs. (It would be a long walk or bike ride.) The shortest distance between Creede and Silverton is across the mountains, a mere 40 miles across rugged terrain. The jeep gets a rest while we take a scenic break.

Bear Town

Our first stop is Bear Town, nestled on the side of a mountain with the cabins in a stair step style running up the hill. Not really sure why the town was built this way, but it is still interesting the way they did it! This is the best preserved cabin left in the town. It was probably the last one built. Though it looks good from this view, the inside tells the real story of it's time on the hill. Inside the floor has been raised to the point that from floor to roof is only about 3 feet. We counted a total of 6 cabins going up the mountain, there may have been more on up but after the 6th cabin we were getting tired, and ready to go on to Kite Lake.

Above Creede Valley

Here 'tis, Kite Lake. Pretty isn't it? Judging from the deep blue color I estimate the lake depth to be over 40 feet. All the lakes in the park are stocked every year with different species of trout. I tried to catch some fish here but no luck. What can I say I'm a Texas fisherman. Besides that, the trip was worth it!

unbelievably clear water

Don't believe me about how clear it is, well here is a picture I took that proves it. The large square rock in the middle right side is 10 to 15 feet deep. Still don't believe me, go see it for yourself, :-)

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