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Here we have a sample of the dreaded red-eye, a distracting background, and the customer wanted a smaller size for emailing and posting to other web sites. Original photo was 180 **DPI, 16X12 inches, with a 1 Mb (Megabyte) file size.

Original Red eye

Lets start with the red eye, seen here. Average costs for this simple fix, starts as low as .25 cents*.

Note: Not all Red-Eye is eliminated this easily.

Now we have the finished photo, Red-eye is eliminated, background cropped out, **dpi is now 100, the photo size is 400x400 pixels (4x4 inches), and a smaller file size of approximately 125 KB's (kilobytes).

Email us your questions, with photos attached for a free quote at tdpippin@att.net or pippinworks@gmail.com.

This photo is mostly self explanatory. Repairing old faded photos with stains, spots, and missing emulsion can be the hardest jobs. Especially when the photo is of a small size, as this one is. And the original is not available to the customer.

We work with all sizes, but for the best quality we prefer 300 dpi minimum, and enlarging the "scan" 200% or more, gives you a higher quality photo repair.


tdpippin@att.net  or  pippinworks@gmail.com

Tim Pippin • 1359 E. US Hwy 80 • Mineola, Texas 75773 • 903-253-4955

* Bulk order, or, with account already set up.

** DPI is Dots Per Inch